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Israel, Politics, and Religion

The truth is that the majority of Palestinians are descendants of the man Israel, descendants of his son Joseph, and the name Israel was first placed upon them in Genesis 48 and 1 Chronicles 5: 1-2. They are entitled to land ownership rights as much as any Jew now claims. We must defend and support the Jewish State while at the same time, defending and supporting Palestinian rights.

Our foreign policy supports a Jewish state that maintains military occupation of the Palestinian people. Jewish democracy applies only to the Jews while Palestinians suffer under the heavy weight of human rights abuse. We support it with our love and our treasure without balance and consideration of the Palestinian people, of whom many are Christians. Unknown to many, the Palestinian voice is the strongest Christian voice in the Holy Land.

The Palestinians function as a democratic society within their own parameters, but do not have the resources or support they need to break free from the yoke of oppression that we so lovingly support.

Taxpayers spend 3 Billion dollars a year in defense of the Jewish state, and we allow Israel to do whatever it wants to in the name of security, whether it is right or wrong. Theft of legally owned Palestinian land to further colonization of the Holy Land is one example. When they are wrong, we are just as guilty because of our unconditional support. Any ally that we support should be fully accountable to the US Congress regarding its actions. From the Christian perspective, it is wrong to steal and commit other crimes, yet we support it.

The cause of unconditional support for the Jewish state is primarily because of two issues - money and religion with both categories cloaked as "security."It is a false narrative. Every nation and people group has the right to defend itself against attack. This should also apply to Palestinians. The Jewish refusal to grant a Palestinian state basically declares that If Israel agreed to a Palestinian state, it might fall to radicals who will fight against Israel. That is like saying the USA should not permit Canada or Mexico to exist alongside our borders because they may one day attack the USA. That is not a justified religious or political position. Security is just as excuse for continued Jewish expansion. Israel could have maintained security without building one settlement on Palestinian land.

Secondly, religious hatred is cited. The claim is that Islamic Palestinians want to eradicate Israel, and Palestinian independence would encourage continued bloodshed. It's true that radical Islam wants to destroy Israel, but they do not represent the majority of Palestinians. Zionist spin makes it appear that all Palestinians are plotting to kill Jews. The only reason regional war has not erupted again is because of the Palestinian Authority. It has contained Hamas operatives and had running gun battles with them in the streets of Palestinian cities. The PA wants to curb violence and live in peace.  They just want their human rights recognized. We should seize the moment before they lose heart and support a return to violence.

Thirdly, Zionists claim that the PA will not recognize Israel. That is not true. It was long ago when the PA recognized Israel’s right to exist. They will not, however, recognize a Jewish Israel, and we should not blame them for that. Asking the PA to submit to a racist government is unrealistic. That is like the USA demanding that the world recognize the USA as a Caucasian country. How far would that fly in the USA? Why do we expect it of Palestinians?

US policy is influenced by special interest lobbyists and surely money exchanges hands. Israel buys its weaponry from the United States, thereby filling the pockets of American suppliers with many lucrative contracts. Those suppliers have influence in the halls of Congress. Nothing will ever change for as long as power brokers call the shots. Profit is realized by demonizing Palestinians and not recognizing the rights of Palestinians while Israel is under constant threat of harm. Money is at the root of it.

Some lawmakers in Congress swear unconditional allegiance to Israel based on religious convictions that Jews are God's chosen people, and that God gave the land to Jews. They sincerely believe that our country will be cursed if we don't support the Jewish state. How is that working out? We have been in a continuous slide toward loss of liberty ever since we first offered unconditional support to the Jewish State. We have put ourselves at risk by opposing God's plan.

The truth is that the majority of Palestinians are descendants of the man Israel and are entitled to land ownership rights as much as any Jew claims. The Zionist political and religious theology actually contributes to the division of God's land and is against God's plan of reconciliation. Our nation stands opposed to God's plan of peace. We are operating under the curse, not the blessing. No amount of praying will make a difference for as long as we force ourselves against God's plan.

Modern scientific DNA testing proves that the Jewish and Palestinian gene pool is an exact match. It was previously thought that Palestinians were descendants of Ishmael, the Arab. Results are confirmed by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and other leading academic institutions. The Bible tells the whole story, and DNA confirms the Bible. Others spin DNA reports to make false claims related to their political or religious platforms, but nothing can alter the bottom line truth. Jews and Palestinians are brothers hailing from the lineage of Jacob. They are simply fighting a civil war, and we have taken sides. Our weapons are used by one brother against the other brother.

There is blood on our hands, and as a Christian, I can't believe that God is pleased with us. A large segment of Christianity has been indoctrinated by a political movement called "Christian Zionism." Jewish political and religious operatives infiltrated Christianity and teach that Jews represent all of Israel, when in fact they are but one tribe of twelve. They took the name Israel to themselves in 1948 and created the false allusion of God entitlement to all of the Holy Land. The Bible addresses this subject thousands of years ago and warns against it. The prophet Hosea said that Judah (Jews) is like one who moves boundary stones, and that God will pour out his wrath on them.

Christian "policy" should be aware that the word "Jew" did not exist until the 1700's when translators invented it. When seeing the word "Jew" or "Jews" in the Bible, it is correctly rendered "Judah," or "Judean." Creation of the word "Jew" has contributed heavily to wrong theology. That is for a different study, but one of great significance for the Christian voter.

The Christian Zionist movement is well funded and helps to elect Congressmen. Always follow the money. Nothing will change until truth is exposed. Regretfully,  there is no way to track "under the table" gifts. 

The truth poses a dilemma for the Zionist lobby groups. Do they adjust theology that lines up to the Bible story now confirmed by DNA and demand recognition and equal rights for Hebraic Palestinians? Or do they bury their heads in concrete and make excuse for their sins?

The powerful Zionist lobby group believes that peace with Palestinians will usher in Armageddon after a short period of rest, but that is man's conjecture, not an uncontested Bible prophecy. The prophet Ezekiel makes it clear. The whole House of Israel will be living in safety without walls before Armageddon arrives. It is the whole House of Israel that is attacked, not just a Jewish State. It is a bigger conflict than a broken peace treaty between Jews and Palestinians. Palestine needs Israel and Israel needs Palestine.

As a Christian, I believe that God's promise to Abraham to "bless those who bless you" includes the whole House of Israel, not just part of it. As long as we oppose God's great plan of reconciliation, and continue to divide the Holy Land, our country will remain in harm's way. We must seek a peaceful resolution and help restore the whole House of Israel. Then we can enjoy God's rich blessings again.

Last update July 7, 2016

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