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by Terry McIntosh

"As your congressman, I will not support political goals that do not line up to the best of our American values. I have a military strategy to deal with ISIS and other foreign enemies who want to harm us. While peace is offered and preferred, it is not always possible. A plan of action that works is demanded of our leaders. We must clearly identify those sworn enemies who hate us, and we must rid ourselves of every unholy alliance else they will become a snare that destroys us."

Our current foreign policy is a mess. National security is so important that domestic issues will not matter if we don't bring back integrity into our foreign affairs. Hostile forces want to harm us, and if we don't preserve our nation from harm, nothing else matters.

The party line is corrupt when it comes to foreign policy.  Blind patriotism results in support of that corruption. True patriotism seeks what is in the best interest of the country and takes steps to fix it. I will do that. The cause of potential harm must be stopped. Changes are demanded, therefore I submit this expose of our foreign policy sins.

This sets me apart from the party candidates. They don't have a clue as to causation and will end up putting party band aids on issues without dealing with the root problem

I am going to be very blunt about this. It is too important to play around with. My efforts to educate legislative leaders have been met with kind tolerance, but no change of direction. Candidates make general statements about eliminating ISIS and settling Middle East issues, but that is not sufficient. What good is a sound bite? As your congressman, I will introduce specific solutions that result in victory.

I understand what the real issues are in the Middle East. Party candidates do not. They will follow the leader and vote the corrupt party line. Nothing will ever change unless we do something about it. I want a chance, with your help, to do something about it.

Among others, the issue of ISIS and radical Islamism is a critical one. I know how the radical element of religion thinks and how to deal with them effectively. I have stood up to Islamic radicals face to face and won. (See Showdown in Jericho documentation).

I will bring the same courage and fortitude to represent the people of Kentucky and this nation. I am the only candidate who has dared to seek righteous solutions apart from party lines. I know how to put our country back on track and to protect our nation, our children, and our God given liberties.

Party candidates won't change anything. I understand what it will take to fix the mess that inexperienced politicians have created. I understand Middle East issues and how its people view and react to world events. I know the weight of making hard decisions and what it means to bear responsibility for life and death situations. I am smart enough to surround myself with military leaders and to consider their input without regard to political correctness, and strong enough to take action when necessary.

I am the best qualified and only candidate who has brought people of mixed national, foreign, and religious backgrounds together for the purpose of seeking stability and peace. These experiences give me a varied vibrant outlook on world events – especially as they relate to foreign policy and the safety of our nation.

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, ISIS, and even Israel-Palestine are examples of our most recent foreign blunders. Compromise without benefit has empowered those who hate us. Restraints on our military have prevented resounding long term success, and placed our troops in harm's way.

We supply sworn enemies with high grade military weapons to fight other sworn enemies. We help create and build up dangerous organizations like ISIS, and when they get too dangerous, we build up another group to fight it. It appears that our strategy has been to keep the Middle Eastern countries divided, and the policy of divide and conquer is failing.

We are in harms way because of our current policies. There is no option left now but to eliminate ISIS and clean up the mess the Obama administration created. It won't be difficult. Satirically, I could assemble a regiment of Vietnam veterans, average age of 70, and defeat ISIS.

So why are they still killing women, children, and chopping off the heads of Christians? Continued conflict without resolve is a profitable business, and it spills over into the pockets of Congress, including party candidates. Taxpayer money pays for the weapons that we give away to people to fight ISIS, but even those we arm hate us and will use our own weapons against us. It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out.

The Obama administration has weakened our resolve on the world stage to a large degree and only now reacts to pressure without resolve to win the war against radical Islamism in Syria, and other threats as they may occur. Under Mr. Obama’s watch, the Isis jihadist caliphate has been established in the heart of the Middle East and the Congress has no strategy to deal with it. I do.

Obama's bad deal with Iran will potentially explode into world wide conflict, and that is why I will vote to nullify the agreement with Iran. We did not aid  the "Green" freedom movement in Iran in 2009 preferring to let it be suppressed, and now we enabled Iran's leaders to press forward spewing out anti-American rhetoric while the good people of Iran stand to suffer the consequences. An armed and dangerous Iran will eventually come for us and our children.

On the other hand, we helped overthrow Libya and it is now a terrorist stronghold that has already killed Americans with impunity. How can that be?

Who is responsible for these blunders? The President and the US Congress. Our lawmakers are to blame for every single wrong decision made. Either they don't know what to do in a crisis, or they just play follow the leader and vote with their bosses. Our lawmakers do not understand the enemy. I do.

You are the boss, but I believe you want someone to do the right thing, even when it hurts. I also believe that Kentuckians are true patriots who are willing to bite the bullet and make sacrifices when so demanded of us in order to preserve our hard fought for liberties and continued safety. I am qualified and ready on day one to make the hard calls to ensure our protection today and for future generations.

As a combat veteran, I know what war is like. It's nasty and not to be rushed into. It is always the last option. Peace is the absolute better option, but not always possible. We cannot ignore the hard choices when confronted by them, else we shall die. The purpose of war should always be in the cause of national defense and that of our allies. Never should American blood be shed for oil or regime changes for political or financial whelms of the mighty.

We must stabilize our foreign policy tempered with righteousness and strength. We must clearly identify those sworn enemies who hate us, and we must rid ourselves of every unholy alliance else they will become a snare that destroys us.

We must stand with our allies and defend them from aggression while exacting our demands from those we support including financial reimbursement and moral considerations in line with our social and moral standards. The free ride is over if it's left up to me. As your congressman, I will demand accountability from our allies.

I am in favor of letting regional disputes settle themselves and getting out of the nation-building business. It has not worked out well and a change of strategy is required. I am in favor of intervention for the purpose of defense when our allies are threatened, or the practice of genocide is employed by any nation or organization against another.

In the case of Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East, Israel is one such ally that we must defend. However, adjustments in policy are needed if we are to achieve stability in the region. This is a critical issue for Christian voters in particular because of what we have been taught by religious leaders and political operatives. We have a moral obligation to protect Jews from those sworn to destroy them, but one that also mandates correction when correction is needed. We cannot allow Jews to harm others either, and it is happening. With our blessing! Blind patriotism to politics or religion leads to disaster.

DNA confirms that Jews and Palestinians are brothers, however representing different tribes of Israel. We are supporting civil war between brothers and contributing to the division of God's plan for the region. See my article on Israel, Politics, and Religion. I will introduce a bill that recognizes Palestinians as Hebraic descendants of Israel with entitlement to land ownership and other inalienable rights. I will also introduce a bill that makes Israel accountable for use of American weapons, and how it spends your tax money. I will introduce a bill that makes the Palestinian Authority accountable for its actions and rhetoric regarding the occupation by Israel, how it spends taxpayer money, and demand the continued public education of Palestinian youth on the path to peace. I will support peaceful efforts by all groups and oppose all acts of terrorism against either side. If either party fails to comply with our demands, we will cut funding until they do. As your congressman, I will not support political goals that do not line up to the best of our American values.

We have the power to make this happen if we dare to use it.

I will.

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